BMAS Council

Currently the BMAS Council consists of:

President - Catherine Tiphanie: Click here for Catherine's CV

Vice President - Dr Frankie Reid: Click here for Frankie's CV

Dr Carolyn Rubens: Click here for Carolyn's CV

Dr Graham Leng: Click here for Graham's CV

Honorary Treasurer - Marion Richardson: Click here for Marion's CV

Dr Jonathan Edwards: Click here for Jonathan's CV

Dr Max Forrester

Dr Jens Foell

Duncan Lawler

Dr Hans Mathew: Click here for Hans' CV

Dr Michael Monk

Dr Mike Pullman

Dr Amer Sheikh: Click here for Amer's CV

Other BMAS Officers

Dr David Carr - Editor in Chief Acupuncture in Medicine

Standing Committees and Sub Committees:

Education Committee

Chair - Dr Carolyn Rubens

Professional Services Committee

Chair - Dr Graham Leng

Research Sub Committee

Chair - Dr Adrian White

Development Committee

Chair - Dr Jonathan Edwards

Competence, Accreditation & Examining Board (CAEB)

Chair - Dr Frankie Reid