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Latest News

GLASGOW Foundation course now available to book, along with our LONDON, NORTHWICH & DUBLIN courses. Click here to book courses.

Author:Julie Cummings
Date Added:16 August 2017

This introductory course lasts four days making up 24 training hours. The Foundation Course is a mixture of lectures and practical group sessions. Group sizes are kept to a maximum of 12.

In the initial stages of training the emphasis is on safety and all attendees will be observed by an experienced demonstrator to ensure a safe needling technique. Lecturing teams are made up of experienced medical acupuncturists. The performance of lecturers and group leaders is critically assessed to maintain a high standard. Teaching on the Foundation Course is based on scientific explanations of acupuncture as far as possible, but it also involves some traditional Chinese concepts.

The course fee includes tuition, a set of detailed course notes, 100 needles, lunches and daytime refreshments. Courses are non-residential but a list of local hotels and guesthouses can be supplied on request.BMAS Foundation and Supplementary courses are recognised by many of the professional bodies that monitor and accredit CPD for health professionals, such as the Royal Collete of Physicians.  Your attendance certificate can be used to support your claim for external CPD.  4th & 5th year Medical students and final year students of Physiotherapy, Osteopathy & Chiropractic can attend our Foundation Course, however student places are limited to two per course and subject to the completion of a supervision form. There is a generous student discount.

In order to maximise the training and educational value of the course we recomend that you use these pre-course revision notes  to guide you in doing a little preparation.

On completion of the course we would expect the student to be equipped to start to practice medical acupuncture, and to be committed to completing the BMAS Certificate of Basic Competence within 12 months of the course.  On achieving this award BMAS would consider the student to have reached a satisfactory standard for the use of medical acupuncture within their existing scope of professional practice.

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