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Latest News

SELF ACUPUNCTURE - Videos are now available to support patients performing self acupuncture at home. Learn how to teach your patients here.

Author:Julie Cummings
Date Added:10 January 2017

Dr Max Forrester, one of our Self Acupuncture course lecturers, gives us an insight into his reasons for teaching self acupuncture to his patients:

My “Self-acupuncture Journey”

My interest in this subject was encouraged by a memorable patient of mine back in the days when I ran an acupuncture clinic in the NHS. Bertie, as I shall call him, was suffering from chronic neck pain after spinal surgery to relieve his neck pain. He needed monthly electroacupuncture to keep his pain manageable. As you can imagine, I had limited capacity in my clinic being the solo Medical Acupuncturist. After discussion of all the potential pro’s and con’s we decided to look into the possibility of some home-acupuncture. His wife was a retired nurse and was willing to undergo training to see if she could perform the monthly treatments that I was performing. All went well so we had to make it a Hospital Policy! (1)

Self/Home-acupuncture (SHA) made a quantum change in the way I started looking at my patients with chronic pain. (2)

There are, in my opinion, no limits to the application of SHA in your acupuncture world. Come on our one-day course and find out!

Happy needling,

Max Forrester
 (1) Clinical Guideline. Pain Management Service (2007). Home Acupuncture for Patients with Persistent Pain Provided by Self or Significant Other. Taunton: Taunton & Somerset Foundation Trust.

2.     (2) Dyer L, Venton K, Forrester M. Home electro acupuncture for persistent postsurgical pain; a patients report. Acupunct Med. 2013 Aug 22.doi;10.1136/acupmed-2013-010421.

Health professionals interested in teaching their patients self acupuncture should consider attending the BMAS Self Acupuncture supplementary day to be held on Friday 20 October 2017.

Self Acupuncture Resource videos are now available to provide support to patients performing self acupuncture at home following a course of training with a suitably qualified health professional. 

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